How Do I Set Up the WinRed Integration?

Our integration partners sometimes make updates to their system that we are unaware of. If the steps provided in our help file don’t match what you see, please contact Support and we will update our help file to accurately reflect the correct steps.
WinRed integrates directly with ISP, allowing you to have the information from your WinRed account transfer directly into your ISP account.

1. Under the Integrations tab, select Add/Remove
2. Locate the WinRed integration in the Available section
3. Click the integration to install it
At this point, email WinRed and request they turn on the integration with ISPolitical. Be sure to include your short account name. this is your account name located in the top left corner of the ISP account and is in all caps.
Once the integration is set up, the system will automatically create a WinRed organization record in the account with WinRed’s details.

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