Feel the Fundraising Power!

ISPolitical’s 100% web-based solution unleashes your fundraising potential by dramatically increasing your efficiency and targeting ability.

What do you know about your potential contributors? Use that knowledge to increase fundraising results. Track major potential donors, historical contributors, dog or cat lovers, whatever you can come up with. You define what you track!

Use what track to increase fundraising results. Does your candidate have a great picture with his dog? Send that out in a mass email to your dog lovers with a fundraising ask. Producing sophisticated, targeted lists only takes minutes with ISPolitical.

Do you get real time donation data? Do you know when someone on a call sheet finally makes a contribution? Do have have any clue how much your last fundraising email brought in? With ISPolitical’s real-time data updates, you’ll have the answers you need when you need them.

Optimize Your Online Fundraising

The online  world keeps shifting. Tomorrow’s victors will be those who thrive online. Come with ISPolitical and leave the competition in the dust!

Achieve a personal feel to your emails and watch your results skyrocket. Our drag and drop email builder helps you create emails only campaigns with advanced tech used to achieve.

If you’re not optimizing your landing pages, you may as well not bother fundraising online. ISPolitical web forms give you the power to optimize and exceed your online goals.

Get real-time, actionable results with our email analytics: open rates, shares and much more. Plug in web-analytics to optimize your landing pages for ever improving results.

Powerful Email Marketing

Email campaigns built for opens, clicks, and actions.

Why Use ISPolitical for Email?

Political send rules, total integration, ease of use, personalization, advanced social and much more.

Political Send Rules

Sick of email providers preventing you from sending email to your voters or potential contributors? ISPolitical allows email anytime there’s reasonable expectation of interest.

Total Integration

Integration means your email reports are stored with the rest of your data. How useful would it be to create a call sheet for people you know opened your last email?


Drag and drop tools let you craft engaging, action-inducing emails with zero HTML or coding skills. Forget sending emails through the techs. Do it yourself in minutes.

Personalized Email

It’s well known by the best email marketers that you need to achieve a personal feel in your emails. We make that easy. Cater your narrative to what you know about the recipient, insert first names and much more.

Built for Results

Integrate with our form builder. Build webforms specifically for unique email pieces and watch your results increase. It’s now easy to achieve relevance between message and landing page.

Advanced Social

Let your people share your email blasts and spread the word for your causes with built-in sharing tools.

List Growth

With our list management tools you can organize your people with ease and build segments based on criteria important to your political campaign/organization.

Advanced Analytics

Make smarter decisions using real-time insight. Every email campaign includes a detailed set of real-time reports to track who opened it, shared it and much more.

Build Better Forms

ISPolitical gives you the tools to build better forms.

Freedom & Creativity

Collect the info you need with our customizable form builder – event registrations, donations, volunteer sign ups and more. Choose beautiful themes or build your own!

No Spreadsheets

All the responses, results, feedback and data collected from your custom forms flows right back into your ISP database. You don’t have to import and export excel files!

Reduce Friction

Reduce friction (the amount of work a user is required to complete before converting) & watch conversions sky-rocket. Pre-fill your forms with your data to make volunteer, donation and event asks require far less friction.


Any data collected on any forms created through your ISPolitical account will be available immediately, for any user with the proper permissions.

Advanced Event Management

Take your campaign to the next level with our advanced event management system.

Robust Event Management

Easily create and design your event page, offer different ticket options, include a field to accept donations and add volunteer shifts. Let attendees spread the word with built-in sharing tools on your event page.

Invite & Track

Easily send email invites to all your events, watch the results of your email as they come in. Craft exquisite, optimized emails and drive traffic directly to your event page.

Manage Shifts

Volunteers can sign up directly from the event page, then use our robust system to manage their time and shifts. It’s never been easier to organize your volunteers and events.

Data Integration

Since your event data (attendees, contributors and etc.) is already in your database, you can easily manage follow up and subsequent fundraising asks based on their attendance and event actions.

Online Ticketing

Accept all major credit cards directly through your event page. Our system automatically imports the contribution information, making thank yous and compliance reporting a breeze.

Real Time Analytics

From the time you post your event page and send your invitations, you’ll know exactly how you’re event is performing with real time analytics.

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We Listen

Who knows what political campaigns need? Political campaigns! Listening to our customers, and even just our potential customers provides our developmental foundation. It’s silly, and bad business, to presume a developer knows more about what you need than you do. That’s why we listen at every step. Our reps listen, tell development what to start working on. This produces a vastly superior system and service. Our ability to listen, incorporate user feedback is almost an unfair competitive advantage.