What We Hear about Our Support


It’s that good!

You’ll see.

Empowered Support

Our support staff has the power to make you happy. Because we position support higher in the business hierarchy than most companies, they can authoritatively pass on your compliments, complaints, requests, and make decisions about your account. Support is a key cog in our developmental machine. Their importance gives them a sense of enthusiasm for solving problems. You’ll feel it any time you speak with support. This is great news for clients!

So why do we empower support?

Support is happy!

You’re happy!

ISP is happy!

Support feels the social consequences of unhappy clients directly. If you’re grumpy with support, they’ll be grumpy too. When they’re able to relay those consequences on to development and management with authority, the product changes for the better. Likewise, it keeps development and management on their toes. No one wants to suffer the wrath of an unhappy support rep.

Our Unique Support Process

Support is not just about answers for you. It’s also about making our service better.



Support Listens

Support listens carefully – almost obsessively – to your problem. The goal isn’t just to solve the problem in a specific case, but to understand whether development ought to modify the system. Can we make it more user-friendly? Can we reduce clicks, friction and the time it takes you to complete a task? The reflective nature of support provides you with an increased capacity to win your campaign and/or more time to bring on more clients! Improving your campaign or your business is why we exist.

Support Solves

Support’s first priority is to solve your problem as quickly as possible, which rarely involves reading from a script. And when support encounters a problem they can’t simply guide you through, they have the organizational juice to get something done. This ensures that your problem gets solved quickly, and that our support agents stay engaged in solving your problems. Many support departments lack any authority, which leads to depressed, unhappy, unhelpful support reps. Our support reps take care of your problems, make your life easy.

Support Improves

Customers, people who use the system the most, are the precise people that know what a software system should (and needs!) to do. That’s why support takes your feedback, your problems, your complaints, concerns and suggestions back to the development team and sets it on their heads like a giant weight they can’t avoid. It’s organizational gravity. And it produces what we call Diamond Grade Tech.

Support Terms

There are some people in this world that need no support. They’re technophiles, regular customers, or small organizations looking to save some money. For those folks, we offer services with zero support. You’ll have to specifically ask for service without support unless. For everyone else, support is included for every person in your campaign, for as long as you stay on with our service.

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We Listen

Who knows what political campaigns need? Political campaigns! Listening to our customers, and even just our potential customers provides our developmental foundation. It’s silly, and bad business, to presume a developer knows more about what you need than you do. That’s why we listen at every step. Our reps listen, tell development what to start working on. This produces a vastly superior system and service.¬†Our ability to listen, incorporate user feedback is almost an unfair competitive advantage.

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