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Our Core Values

What a company believes tells you everything you need to know about their products and services. Here's what you need to know about ISPolitical.


"It's all about the software, dummy!" is something you'd hear around our offices if you get the chance to listen. Our core business is political campaign software. We don't fritter resources away on side projects. You deserve that kind of focus from your provider!


We are an ultra-competitive company that believes in achieving not just excellence. We want a Grand Canyon sized gap between us and the rest. Our goal is not to be the best. Our goal is to be the best by a few billion miles.


Honesty comes from confidence. Confidence comes from excellence. We won't try to trick you into signing long term contracts or give you poor reasoning in order to get your business. We show you what we can offer, how we can offer it, and then let you make an informed decision. We practice honesty at every step, making sure you know precisely where you stand. You deserve complete honesty.


Excitement draws most people to politics. Few care for the requisite long hours in front of a computer screen. With that in mind, we do our best to make life a little more fun. Whether that's an emoji set to differentiate your tags, or a fresh Ron Swanson quote each day, we try to bring a little fun and humor to your campaign.


Who knows what political campaigns need? Political campaigns! Listening to our customers, and even just our potential customers provides our developmental foundation. It’s silly, and bad business, to presume a developer knows more about what you need than you do. That’s why we listen at every step. Our reps listen, tell development what to start working on. This produces a vastly superior system and service. Our ability to listen, incorporate user feedback is almost an unfair competitive advantage.


We are good people, honestly care about our clients. We get to know them and wish them the best. Our passion for our clients is more than that. It's a business philosophy. If you do well, we do well. The more we help you do well, the more you'll use us. The more you grow, the more we grow. We care about you because we identify as you. That's why our reps, in every department, are instructed to help you solve problems whether they're related to software or not. Bring us any problem. We'll do our best to help.


Robert Ludlum (of all people) once wrote, "Blessed are the flexible, for they never get bent out of shape." In business, that saying should probably be, "Blessed are the flexible, for their clients love them." No two organizations are the same. At ISPolitical, we strive to provide flexible solutions that fit the needs of any uniquely shaped campaign. Whether that means a creative pricing options, short term contracts, reasonable development, a change in terms or whatever, we will do our best to accommodate your unique needs.


  • Ben Katz

    Chief Architect

  • Mitch Gingrich


  • Jen Broadbent

    VP Compliance

  • Cara Shreiner

    Director of Operations

  • Casey Hauser

    Director of Sales

  • Tad Goddard

    Head of Support

  • Matt Dunn

    Director of Operations

  • Tawon Swanson

    Software Engineer

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