Say goodbye to the headaches of subpar
political campaign treasurer software. ISPolitical has
A.I. powered campaign finance tools you
can’t get anywhere else.


Say goodbye to the headaches of subpar
software. ISPolitical has A.I. powered compliance
tools you can’t get anywhere else.

Compliance A.I.

ISPolitical's proprietary artificial intelligence analyzes FEC and other agency RFAI letters, delivering the most sophisticated compliance report warning system on the market.

Scheduled Reports

No need to create reports one at a time anymore! Set them up once, and ISP automatically emails them to anyone you choose at any desired interval.

Optimized Conduit Integration

Real-time contributions and deposit batching + ISP’s magic merge tool revolutionizes handling conduits.

Multi-Committee Support

Simultaneously print checks across your committees, schedule and file compliance reports, set scheduled reports, and budget categories. Watch your busywork disappear! 


TurboFile is the ultimate compliance deadline tool for professional treasurers with multiple clients. All your client reports show up in one easy-to-manage page, providing clear insight all from one hub. 

Cross Account Check Printing

Yep, that's right. You can print all of your clients’ checks at once with a click of a button. It’s never been quicker or easier to get checks out on time.

Try the most advanced political accounting and compliance software ever!

Enhanced Security

We make it simple for your data to be protected with two-factor authentication, giving you peace of mind knowing that you and your team are in control. You can only do that with ISP.

Enhanced Check Writing

Upload signatures, set approval thresholds, and print on blank check stock. Political check writing has never been more streamlined, accurate, and efficient.

Solarized Interface

ISP uses scientifically tested colors and fonts designed to reduce eye strain and headaches. You have enough to focus on, let us take care of making it easier for you.

DropBox Integration

Save documents directly to transactions or records. Invoices, checks, resumes, photos with contributors can all be saved right from ISP.

MIA Donations

Political fundraisers are more effective when using the data you generate. ISP developed an exclusive algorithm to scour your campaign data for signals that a person or organization is ready to give or donate more.

Deposit Batch Expenses

Expenses in deposit batches makes sense to political treasurers. Credit card batches severed from the fee causes a chaotic view of finances. Let this small, unique feature serve as an example of all the little things ISP does to make your life easier.

The Ultimate Political Treasurer's Toolkit

Designed for treasurers

Robust financial reporting

All agency required political transactions

Enhanced check printing with approval thresholds, signature upload, blank stock printing capability

Complete entity records with quick reference view

AI powered data entry for optimized effeciency and accuracy

Seamless credit card processor integration streamlines data entry

Unlimited account users

Customizable user permission control

Easily transition between multiple accounts

Simple, effecient, and user friendly interface

Service you deserve

No contracts - cancel anytime

Restart an account anytime

No minimum term of use

Flexible business terms

High volume discounts

Free legacy data storage up to ten years after cancellation

ISP Guarantee: Accurate & on-time compliance reports

One consolidated system to manage all your clients.

Priority technical support and training

Have an idea to make our software even better? We'd love to hear it

We work with you when big life events take place to make sure you've got all the help you need

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A New Era in Political Software