We’re ushering in a new age for campaign finance management.
Get the latest advances in political campaign finance software right at your fingertips.

We’re ushering in a new age for campaign finance management.
Get the latest advances in political campaign finance software right at your fingertips.

ISPolitical is the campaign finance management platform for savvy political treasurers that need the best software NOW.

Automate your workflow with an A.I.-assisted suite of tools, schedule reports directly to your inbox,

and access your campaign’s data from any device with access to the internet.

How We Work

ISPolitical strives to provide flexible solutions that fit the needs of any uniquely shaped campaign.

Whether that means creative pricing options, short-term contracts, reasonable development, or a change in terms, we do our best to accommodate your unique needs.


Superior Software

Fundraising reports emailed directly to your inbox daily, working with customizable call sheets, and seeing our exclusive algorithm's search results for more contributions from your data; we have exclusive tools no one else has even dreamed about.


Superior Results

Our unmatched expertise in compliance reporting across states means we know the tricks and nuances of various reporting requirements. Our system is optimized to reduce clicks, inputs, and manual overrides. We take steps to ensure the integrity of your various files while allowing you to access them from one platform.

Superior Service

We care about our clients. We get to know them and are invested in their success. Our passion for our clients is more than that. It's a business philosophy. That's why our teams, in every department, are instructed to help you solve problems whether they're related to software or not. Bring us any problem.


We go an extra thousand miles to make you happy.


Trusted By Small & Large Teams

People using ISP right now can tell you how exceptional our service is.

See what our clients have to say about us.

Jonathan B.


My firm specializes in compliance and accounting for political committees and campaigns. That's all we do so I understand that finding the right software is imperative. I have worked with several different solutions and ISPolitical is my favorite, by far.

Michelle H.


Coming from a financial background, I loved ISP from the beginning. We were able to reconcile the bank account and provide internal statements right away for the campaign. I had several suggestions early on and to my delight, these were implemented quickly!

Olivia L.

Finance Strategist

The customer service is responsive and helpful. ISP itself is easy to use and doesn't overcharge for access to the platform. I am able to efficiently work with my clients that want fundraising services and compliance as well without being overwhelmed.

Incredible service still exists!

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A New Era in Political Software