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We Have Expertise

IS Political's Chief Architect, Ben Katz, started building web-based political compliance reporting software in 1999 and has been pushing the industry forward ever since.


Jen Broadbent, VP of Compliance, is widely regarded as one of the world’s top experts on compliance reporting software systems. Rest assured, you’re in good hands with ISPolitical.

We Use It

Compliance reporting is nuanced, incredibly difficult, and varies from state to state. Our experts ensure that our system functions as efficiently as possible for each type of filing committee.


We built a unique software development environment that allows us to quickly adapt to ever-changing, rigorous state demands.

How ISPolitical Compliance Reporting Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Enter Transactions

Enter your campaign's transactions. Our system will ensure they’re integrated properly for compliance and reporting purposes.


Data Import

Send us your data, or start from scratch and enter your contacts manually.


Push a Few Buttons

ISP’s system pulls all the data your agency needs and places it into the correct format. All you have to do is push a few buttons and wait for the magic to happen.

Robust Political Accounting Tools

Hassle-free accounting software optimized for political organizations

One powerful hub for your financial transactions.


Stay in the know with a customizable dashboard designed for treasurers.


Optimize your workflow, anywhere the trail takes you.


Accurate reconciliations couldn't be easier.


Why Use ISP for Political
Compliance Reporting?

There's a galaxy of reasons... these are some of the best.

No Contracts!

You read that right.

Our clients love our system. We don’t need to lock you into a long contract to keep you from leaving.

Quick Setup

Campaigns need to act quickly. 

With ISP, we'll have your account up and running day or night.

We’re Web-Based

Being web-based means you (and all your staff!) can access your campaign’s data from any device with access to the internet. Information flows through campaigns fast with ISP.

It Works

Our Chief Architect started developing compliance software in 1999. He’s seen every bug and problem and knows how to avoid them. We’re also fanatical about quality control and know you don’t have time to suffer the consequences of poor design.

Customized for Treasurers

We know how treasurers operate. How? We sought out treasurers willing to help us design our system from the very beginning. Incorporating their ideas, suggestions, and concerns from the first keystroke to help create solutions for treasurers by treasurers.

Expertise = Efficiency

Our unmatched expertise in compliance reporting across states means we know the tricks and nuances of various reporting requirements and optimize our system to reduce clicks, inputs and manual over-rides. Sick of manually adjusting your reports spit out by a system for which you pay top dollar? Talk to us!


Integrate your campaign and operate from one platform. Third-party integrations are a core component of ISPolitical and your fundraising goals. Integration compatibility with all major political processors is one of the many features that put ISP miles ahead of the competition. Providing a platform where collecting funds is simple, accurate, and efficient. Just like it should be.

Reasonable Developement

We listen to our clients! Seriously! We REALLY listen. If a client suggests a change, it only has to pass the ‘reasonability’ test. If it does, we make the change, add the report, do what the client asks. Failing to feel the gravity of user feedback ensures that a system will forever remain just a lump of coal…

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