What Is ai@ISP?

ai@ISP is an intelligent bot that will help you manage your work and is there to take care of mundane tasks for you so you can focus on what’s important.

Navigate to ai@ISP under the Tools tab and in the Settings section, use the slider to toggle on or off the AI function. With it turned on, new options appear.

Auto-Combine Duplicates: ai@ISP will combine duplicate entities that exist in your database using the Exact search criteria. ai@ISP will only combine when there is a matching name and matching contact information.

Auto-Imports: ai@ISP will process pending imports. These are pending transactions found in the Imports section on the Dashboard. Auto-Import settings give you the ability to predetermine how transactions from an integration come into ISP. You can set the following fields for your transactions:
  • Budget Category
  • Election
  • Financial Account
  • Reporting Code (Expenses)
  • Mark transactions as thanked
Auto-Mark As Filed: ai@ISP will mark a compliance report as filed if you forget to do it upon a successful filing.

Send Missing Occupation/Employer Emails: ai@ISP will email reportable donors if they are missing their occupation or employer, asking them to reply with that information. When the donor responds, ai@ISP will automatically update their record based on their response. Everyone on the recipient’s list will be forwarded a copy of any emails received and notified about what ai has done.

Send Alerts: ai@ISP will send you alerts and regular reports.
Depending on your other options, this can include:

  • Reminders to file late contribution reports and similar transaction based reports
  • Periodic recommendations for new scheduled reports
  • Over the limit alerts
  • Donor responses to occupation/employer requests and how ai@ISP handled them.
  • Financial concerns, including languishing undeposited transactions and overdrawn accounts

Alert Recipients These are the people that ai@ISP will keep updated about important information and what ai is doing.
If you manage multiple accounts, you can enable AI to perform the same functions with those accounts, as well. This will be a blanket setting for all accounts. If you’d prefer to specify which accounts have which AI features toggled on or off, you click the Customize button to set AI for your accounts individually.

Manage Flags: Sometimes, when adding or updating entities, they fall into a group of entities that already have an established flag due to a specific query. You can now request that ai@ISP take care of updating flags. This option can be found when creating a query through Advanced Search.

Manage Reminders: Similar to managing Flags, ai@ISP will add a reminder to a record.

In the Data Updates section, AI can handle even more detailed tasks, mostly for Occupation/Employer requirements, but others as well. For example, AI can set the Business Type in an Organization entity’s record if one is not set already.