How Do I Add International Addresses to ISP?

Adding an international address from outside of the United States requires steps that are typically guided by how they should appear on compliance reports.

If you are a FEC filer, they recommend leaving the State field blank and putting the City, Country, and other information in the Address Line 2 field. When you generate your report, you’ll most likely receive a warning in our system, and also from the FEC, but this can be ignored. They are aware of these types of situations and again, this is their data entry recommendation.

If you file with a State or Local agency, these can be very specific to the agency itself. Please contact either the agency or Support for further help with the data entry.

There is an International Addresses tool in ISP that allows you to add addresses from numerous countries around the world. This is considered a Premium tool, so adding it to your account will increase your billing rate.