What are Flags and How do I Use Them?

Flags give you more control over how to separate, record, and keep track of how an individual or an organization is helping with the campaign. For example, if an entity is a Volunteer for the campaign you can add the Volunteer Flag to their record.

Adding flags can be done by navigating to the record that you want to add the Flag to. In the Flags Box click the green triangle on the right hand side. A pop out will appear with a search box, search for the intended Flag, and select. You can add multiple flags if necessary. Once the Flags are added click Add Flags. You will now see the flags on the record. Deleting Flags is even more simple than adding Flags. Once you delete a Flag it will remove it from all the records, if that Flag is in use, it will become Inactive. To delete a Flag or make a Flag inactive, you just need to click the red X.

You can search by Flags through advanced search to gather a list of records based on a particular flag. This list can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for your convenience.

Flags are customizable with images. They can be decided from the pre-loaded images, or you can choose to leave it blank. The image will appear on the record of the entity.