Political Campaign Software Reports and Dashboards

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Managing political campaign finances with accuracy and transparency is crucial for success. At ISPolitical, our reports and dashboards provide comprehensive insights into every facet of campaign funding, helping to streamline your efforts and ensure compliance. Here’s a look at the key features and recent updates in our dashboard and reporting software, designed to give you a competitive edge.

Profit and Loss Reports

A campaign would fail in a hurry if you didn’t know what your overall financial health looked like. Our software provides easy profit and loss statements and reports that make keeping track effortless. The Profit & Loss statement provides an in-depth view of your finances, helping you analyze income and expenses. You can choose between cash or accrual-based accounting, break down the report by months, and even schedule it for automatic delivery. This functionality simplifies financial planning and keeps your campaign on track.

Transaction Reporting

Our powerful transaction reporting tool allows you to customize how you view financial transactions. Filter by dates, elections, notes, amount, entity types, and more. This flexibility enables you to generate lists with precisely the fields you need and you can save your preferences for future use! It’s a valuable tool for managing campaign finances efficiently.

Scheduled Reports

Every time you generate a compliance report, our software checks for potential issues, such as incomplete addresses, missing occupations, invalid descriptions, and calculation discrepancies. This feature minimizes errors, making it easier to avoid embarrassing and costly filing mistakes. Additionally, you can schedule reports to automatically update and notify you of any necessary corrections, simplifying the compliance process.

Missing Address Information

Legal requirements demand specific address information, and our software includes a dedicated report for identifying and correcting missing data. Schedule this report to receive an email notification whenever issues arise, ensuring you stay ahead of filing deadlines and avoid compliance issues. Keeping your ducks in a row was never easier! 

Advanced Search

Our advanced search functionality allows you to target specific groups, refining your campaign strategy. For example, you can identify individuals who have donated to previous elections but not the current one and who live within a 100-mile radius of wherever your campaign headquarters are. This feature enables you to engage with your audience more effectively, making campaign outreach smoother.

Key Statistics

The Key Stats report offers a concise overview of essential campaign metrics. Schedule this report for automatic delivery to your candidate and campaign manager, ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions on the fly. The scheduled delivery feature ensures daily updates, keeping everyone on the same page.

User Activity

While all campaign members should be working cohesively, it’s important to monitor activity to ensure alignment. The User Activity report enables you to review staff work and verify they’re performing as expected. This transparency fosters accountability and ensures your campaign stays on course.

Cash Crunch

Our software includes various standard financial reports, like those in traditional accounting systems. However, we understand that politics is unique, which is why we developed the Cash Crunch report. This report distinguishes between short-term and long-term debt, providing clarity in managing campaign finances, particularly during the final days before an election. With this feature, you gain a realistic view of your resources, making critical financial decisions easier.


How does ISP's software integrate with other campaign tools or systems?

ISP's software offers seamless integration with popular campaign management tools, CRMs, and email marketing platforms. This interoperability ensures smooth data flow between different aspects of your campaign, reducing manual input and making it easier to manage all campaign facets in one cohesive system.

Can ISP's software accommodate multi-state campaigns with different compliance requirements?

Absolutely. ISP's software is designed to handle multi-state campaigns and their varying compliance requirements. It offers tailored compliance checks for different states, ensuring your reports adhere to each state's specific regulations and minimizing the risk of compliance errors.

Does ISP's software provide support for managing online donations and recurring contributions?

Yes, ISP's software includes tools to manage online donations and recurring contributions. You can track donations in real time, set up automated receipt issuance, and generate reports that reflect these contributions, making it easier to manage your campaign's funding streams.

What Does Your Campaign Accounting Dashboard Look Like?

Having an at-a-glance picture of what matters most to you is why having a customizable dashboard is important. With ISP, you can set up your reports to show the precise information you want them to contain, and to be sent out automatically. You can set up your dashboard to give you a high-view and drill-downs on the metrics that weigh in most heavily so you know exactly where you stand at all times. 

Our political campaign accounting software offers robust tools to streamline campaign finances and ensure compliance. From profit and loss reports to advanced search capabilities, these features simplify managing campaign funds, freeing you to focus on winning votes. With regular updates to our reports and dashboards, our software stays ahead of the curve and up to date with campaign rules and changes. ISP is a comprehensive solution for political campaign accounting needs that can help your campaign succeed!

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