What Are the ActBlue Settings?

With your ActBlue integration, you have several areas of customization within ISP. This includes adding specific Budget Categories to incoming donations. If you use different ActBlue forms for data capture, you can also predetermine which Budget Categories are applied for each form.

The Customize Budget Category section allows you to determine which Budget Category is applied to the donation no matter the form that is used. You can use a Budget Category already in your database, or you can select the Create Children option to create new budget categories that match the values we get from ActBlue. This allows for the use of the ActBlue as the main budget category, while still getting some nuance of different ActBlue Pages.

If you have multiple forms, you can use the Per Form Categories section to set the Budget Category for each form, if they are different.

Please note that these processes will override any Auto-Import AI settings for the Quick Import section.