What Are Reminders?

Reminders in ISP are used to make sure you and your staff are keeping up with communications, both incoming and outgoing. You can set reminders for yourself or another user on the account and there are many ways you can utilize Reminders in your database. Various uses they can be used for are to remind yourself or others to call someone back, to remind someone about a pledge they made, and more.

To set a Reminder, navigate to the entity’s record and in the Reminders section on the right and click the Add icon (+) in the right corner. In the window that appears, complete the required fields denoted with an asterisk, then click Add Reminder. This will place the reminder in the Reminder section in the record and also on the Dashboard of the User you assigned it to, if not yourself.

Please be aware that reminders will not show on the dashboard until 24 hours before it’s due.