WA C4 (PDC) Line by Line

Applies To: Washington

The WA C4 (PDC) report discloses campaign receipts and expenditures. Use the line by line guide below to ensure or troubleshoot data on the report is appearing where it should.

Cover Page

The cover page of the C4 report shows Candidate or Committee info, including Office Sought and the period the report is covering. The Receipt and Expenditure summaries will show and pull directly from the itemized schedules following the cover page. The signature fields for the candidate and treasurer will be at the bottom of the page.

Schedule A (Cash Receipts and Expenditure)

Schedule A covers both receipts and expenditures. Cash receipts showing on the C4 will also be reported on the C3 report. Expenditures of $50.01 or more need to be itemized and include a code or description.

Schedule B (Inkind Contributions, Enforceable Pledges, Orders, Debts, Obligations)

All inkind contributions, enforceable pledges, orders, debts, and obligations should pull to Schedule B. Loans are excluded and will pull to Schedule L.

Schedule L (Loans)

Any loans that still have a balance and have been reported will pull to Schedule L.