How Do I Use the Organization Search?

The Organization Search screen under the Add/Search tab allows you to locate any organization records in your database. You have the option of searching all Active records, all Inactive records, or All Records regardless of active/inactive status. These options are found directly above the blue Search button.

On the search screen are standard search criteria fields. These include Organization, Address, Phone Number, Email, and Notes. Other fields you can search on Organization Type, Business Type, Political Committee Type, and Flags.

For some filers, such as CA and FEC filers, you will see results that allow you to import records and related entities directly from the agency’s site. If you’d like to exclude these from the results, click the Exclude Matches option.

When searching, you can use one field, a combination of fields, or all of them. Please note, however, that the more fields you use, the more narrow your search becomes.

If you don’t locate the organization you are looking for, you can click the Add Organization button at the bottom of the screen to add a new organization record to your database.