How Do I Use Quick Imports for WinRed Transactions?

There are two main ways to get WinRed data into your account in ISP. If you are not using the automatic WinRed integration, you can also use the Quick Import tool to achieve this goal.

What is the difference between the automatic integration and Quick Imports for my WinRed data?

Simply put, the Quick Import tool is often faster to work with when you have large amounts of data. However, the Integration tool allows for real-time information to come in rather than having to upload batches on a regular basis. We have a separate help file for installing the WinRed integration.

Quick Import Method

You can use Quick Imports to get your WinRed data in quickly. If you have not used it before, please contact Support and ask to install the import option in your database.

Once installed, go to the Quick Imports page under Tools, then select the WinRed option in the Format dropdown. On the right side of the screen, in the About section, it will explain which fields on your spreadsheet are required and which are optional. 

You’ll also see a checkbox for Import as Conduit – Conduit Check Splits. When this box is checked, it will create a single transaction from WinRed on the Record Deposit screen with the entities as Splits. Each individual contribution that makes up that Conduit Check will have their own dates matching the data file.

If you have Agency fees as well as WinRed credit card transaction fees, both are taken out of the check you receive from WinRed.  As a result, you will need to have two expenses added to the Batch Deposit. One for the processing fee and one for the agency fee. Both can be created the same way via Add Deducted Fees on the deposit screen.