How Do I Record Inkind Made Transactions?

When recording in-kind contributions in ISPolitical, it’s a question of whether you’re paying money or giving a service or good (for which you cannot find a transaction) in support (or opposition) of another committee.
If someone pays for something for the committee as a gift to the committee, record that as an In-kind Contribution. The individual who paid for the gift is entered as the Entity (whole). If there is a transaction involved with vendor information (candidate paid for signs from ABC Printing) then click the Specify Splits button and fill out the vendor transaction details.
If your committee pays for something related to another committee’s fundraising event, record that contribution as an expense. Then click the Support/Oppose button at the bottom of the transaction and fill out the other committee’s details.

Below are examples of when and why to use an Expense with Support/Oppose options or a Non-Monetary Expense.

Expense with Support/Oppose: My committee will buy these yard sign stakes for your committee. My committee records this as an expense in support of your committee.

Non-Monetary Expense: My committee gives you these yard sign stakes. My committee records a non-monetary expense in support of your committee.