How Do I Add a Support/Oppose Memo?

Support/Oppose memos can be an important part of not just the transaction but also compliance reports. The correct data entry will prevent issues later on.

If you spend money to support or oppose a candidate or a measure, you need to record a Support/Oppose Memo within that transaction. S/O Memos nearly always should have the same date as the Expense they’re associated with.

  1. Navigate to Accounting, then to Add Transaction
  2. Select any type of Expense from the dropdown and complete the necessary fields
  3. Scroll down and click the Specify Support/Oppose option
  4. In the Entity field, type in the name of candidate (not the committee) or measure you are supporting or opposing
  5. Complete the rest of the fields with the necessary information, including any Tags, if needed

If you are paying a vendor on behalf of another political committee, the same concept and steps apply.

CA Filers: S/O Memos are not required for payments to Slate Mailers.