How Do I Find Non-donors?

Oftentimes a list is needed of Individuals in your database who have not donated to the campaign. This, for example, could be used for mailing purposes to contact potential donors. This list can be generated in a two step Advanced Search recipe.

The first step is to start with locating individuals:

  • Area: Entities
  • Field: Entity Type
  • Relationship: Is Any Of
  • Value: Individual
Click the Add Rule button. Next, back up in the Add Rule section, select the following:
  • Area: Contributions
  • Field: Value
  • Relationship: Is More Than
  • Value: 0
Instead of clicking Add Rule, click Add as Exclusion.

At this point you have the option of generating the list on your screen by clicking the Run Search button at the bottom of the screen. You can also generate this list to a spreadsheet by selecting one of the Export options.

If you plan on generating this list on a regular basis, click the Save & Run Search button to save the search criteria for future use. This will prevent having to re-add the criteria every time you need the list. Moving forward you’ll see the list in the Saved Searches menu based on the name you gave it.