How Do I Find All PACs That Gave in the Primary and General Cycle?

Applies To: Political Action Committees (PACs)

Donors are an important part of any campaign, especially within every election cycle. Finding those who donated to the Primary and the General is a valuable step in raising more funds. Using Advanced Search, you can set specific search criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The creation of this report occurs via several steps. First start by locating PACs:

  • Area: Political Committees
  • Field: Political Committee Type
  • Relationship: Is Any Of
  • Value: Political Committee

Click the Add Rule button.

Next, add Contributions according to the election cycle:

  • Area: Contributions
  • Field: Elections
  • Relationship: Is Any Of
  • Value: from the drop-down menu, first select the Primary election, which will start with a P, and then select the General election, which will start with a G

Click the Add Rule button and then click the Run Search button.