How Do I File as a Local CA Filer When the E-file Report to Local Button Is Available (NetFile)?

Applies To: California

Filing your Compliance reports with a Local CA Filing Agency (e.g., Riverside County, City of San Diego) is possible via ISP. There are, however, certain data entry steps to take first.

Filer/Committee Entity Record

First, under Committee Info, ensure Jurisdiction is set appropriately.

  • If you need to file with your county, select County.
  • If you need to file with a city or town, select City.

In addition, ensure Jurisdiction Description is filled in with the City or County you are filing with. Examples of data entry possibilities are Orange, Orange County, or City of San Diego.

Multiple local agencies use NetFile to process campaign finance reports. Some require additional verification in the form of Signature ID & PIN.

Direct E-file, No Signature ID or PIN required

The following local agencies file directly and don’t require a Signature ID or PIN:

  • Alameda  (County)
  • Butte  (County)
  • Carlsbad  (City)
  • Chico  (City)
  • Chula Vista  (City)
  • Clovis  (City)
  • Coachella  (City)
  • Contra Costa  (County)
  • El Cajon  (City)
  • Fresno  (City)
  • Garden Grove  (City)
  • Goleta  (City)
  • Huntington Beach  (City)
  • Indio  (City)
  • Irvine School Board  (Other Local)
  • Kern  (County)
  • La Mesa  (City)
  • Lake Forest  (City)
  • Lancaster  (City)
  • Madera  (County)
  • Modesto  (City)
  • Mountain View  (City)
  • National City  (City)
  • Nevada  (County)
  • Novato  (City)
  • Oceanside  (City)
  • Orange  (County)
  • Oroville  (City)
  • Placer  (County)
  • Redding  (City)
  • Riverside  (County)
  • Sacramento  (County)
  • San Joaquin  (County)
  • San Juan School Board  (County)
  • San Luis Obispo  (County)
  • San Mateo  (City)
  • San Mateo  (County)
  • Santa Barbara  (City)
  • Santa Clara  (County)
  • Shasta  (County)
  • Ventura  (County)
  • West Sacramento  (City)

Direct E-file, Signature ID & PIN required

The following local agencies file directly and DO require a Signature ID & PIN:

  • Anaheim  (City)
  • Berkeley  (City)
  • Burbank  (City)
  • Capitola  (City)
  • Coronado  (City)
  • Dublin  (City)
  • El Cerrito  (City)
  • Glendale  (City)
  • Hayward  (City)
  • Hesperia  (City)
  • Irvine  (City)
  • Irvine  (County)
  • Livermore  (City)
  • Los Gatos  (City)
  • Manhattan Beach  (City)
  • Manteca  (City)
  • Marin  (County)
  • Monterey  (County)
  • Morgan Hill  (City)
  • Murrieta  (City)
  • Newport Beach  (City)
  • Oakland  (City)
  • Palo Alto  (City)
  • Pasadena  (City)
  • Patterson  (City)
  • Perris  (City)
  • Pleasanton  (City)
  • Rancho Cucamonga  (City)
  • Redondo Beach  (City)
  • Sacramento  (City)
  • Salinas  (City)
  • San Bernardino  (City)
  • San Bernardino  (County)
  • San Bruno  (City)
  • San Francisco  (City)
  • San Francisco  (County)
  • Santa Ana  (City)
  • Santa Cruz  (County)
  • Santa Monica  (City)
  • Stockton  (City)
  • Sunnyvale  (City)
  • Ventura  (City)
  • Watsonville  (City)
  • Yountville  (City)

Other E-filing Solutions

If for some reason you are unable to file via NetFile using ISP, you can attempt to upload the .cal file using NetFile’s API.

You will need your Filer ID (not committee ID) & Filer Password.

If you use this alternative method to file and have a Signature ID & PIN, after uploading your report, you’ll need to log into your NetFile User Account and approve the report on the Pending Filings page before the filing is accepted.

If after filing directly from ISP or uploading via NetFile’s API you get a return email from NetFile with error messages and need help deciphering these error messages, please see My Local Filing With NetFile Just Failed. Now What?