My Local Filing With NetFile Just Failed. Now What?

Applies To: California
Before you dig into any error messages, first check the basics. Be sure the following are correct in ISP.

Filing ID: Your filing ID will not be the same as our committee ID. Your filing ID will be in the format of capital letters, followed by a dash, followed by 6-8 numbers: ABC-123456

  • The capital letters reference your local filing agency. Examples would be OCN for Oceanside or WESTSAC for West Sacramento.
  • The dash (“-“) is sometimes referred to as an underscore (“_”) in emails. However, it is a dash.
Password: Your filing password will be 6-10 characters long, and will be a combination of numbers and capital letters. You will not be able to change your filing password.

Once you’ve confirmed the information in your filer record is correct, the following are common responses and how to correct the issues identified.

1. Your e-filing with a period end date of [Report To Date], statement type of [Report Period Type], and election date of [Current Election Date] was rejected because no deadline with the end date matched your statement type.

  • Check all of your settings. If, for example, you’re filing a Pre-Primary report, check that your Current Election is set to Primary and you’ve selected Pre-Election as the report period.
  • Check the date associated with the Current Election by going to Lists, then to Elections, and ensuring the date is correct.
  • Check the report from/to dates on the FPPC site.
2. The referenced Filer Id is not found: ABC-123456

  • Double check your Filer ID based on the information mentioned above. Are you using a dash or an underscore? Have you transposed numbers? Are you using your Committee ID instead of your filing ID?
3. A value for field #4 ‘Content’ is required

  • The State is moving towards requiring treasurer email addresses for the CA Form 410 & 460. NetFile is also moving in this direction. This warning means your filer or treasurer email address is missing. Add an email address to the Filer Committee record or the linked Filer Treasurer record & regenerate your report.
If you get a message from NetFile that isn’t on this list, please send that over to so we can help you get filed.