How Do I Combine Duplicates?

The Combine Duplicates page allows you to view potential duplicates in your database using various search criteria. You can then determine whether you want to combine them, as well as customizing what data is merged, or determining if the two records listed are not duplicates.

Under the Tools tab, select Combine Duplicates. On the resulting page, note the following buttons at the bottom as your search criteria:

Type: This determines which record type to search through when searching for potential duplicates. The options are Individuals, Organizations, or All.

Search Method: This allows you to search a wide range of potential duplicates or a more honed in method. There are 4 main methods of searching.

  • Exact Name matches: These find duplicates that match on First, Middle, Last name, Prefix, and Suffix. All must match to be returned by these searches. This is the most exclusive.
  • Name matches: This finds duplicates based on First, Last name. This is more inclusive and can return names with different middle or Jr. and Sr. so care is needed!
  • Similar Name matches: This finds names based on common associations like Bobby and Bob. If you use this, be sure to review each result before combining.
  • ?Only? searches: The most inclusive as these ignore the name in favor of searching by specific fields.

We HIGHLY recommend starting you search with Exact Name + Address Line 1 matches!

Exclude: If you previously marked two potential records as not a duplicate match, you can choose to exclude them in the next search or include them again in the search results.

Combine All: This option combines all results on the screen. Caution should be used if you have a large list of potential duplicates, as some may not be duplicates and shouldn?t be combined.

After you?ve determined your search criteria and you have the results on the screen, you have a few options to the right of each grouping:

Combine: If you?ve determined the two records are in fact duplicates, clicking this button will combine them into one record.

*Note there is a magnifying glass icon next to the blue Combine button. Hovering your mouse over this will provide any information marked as Primary in the records, whether it?s the Phone, Mailing Address, or Reportable Address.

Not A Duplicate: This will remove the two records from the search results and mark them as not duplicates in future searches. They can, however, be added back into the results by using the option to include them via the Exclude button at the bottom of the screen.

Customize: When you click this button, a small window appears. Here you can both add missing details to the record in question, as well as determine which PhoneMailing Address, and Reportable Address should be marked as Primary when combining the records. Clicking the Combine button will complete the record combining process.

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