How Do I Combine Duplicates in Search Results?

When you have multiple records that need to be combined, the Combine Duplicate tool is very useful. However, sometimes you come across a couple records that should be combined and running a full Combine Duplicate operation isn’t something you want to do. That’s why we have the Quick combine option below!

First, navigate to Add/Search and then to Individuals or Organizations

Run a search for the duplicates using a part of the name that is present in both of the records. For example, if the records you needed to combine were listed under “Tam Wiseau” and “Tommy Wiseau“, you would search for “Wiseau“. You can also use other search criteria (with or with a name), if you think it would be better to match on.

NOTE: Both records will need to be present in the search results in order to be combined. Make sure the search criteria you use is present in both records.

The first record you select will be the one kept.

Once you’ve found one of the records you intend to merge, click on the hotdog menu to the right of the name and hit the Combine Duplicate button. Be aware that the first record you select will be the one that will keep its name.

After you’ve hit Combine Duplicate for the first record, locate the second record you want to combine and hit Combine. The second record will be merged into the first record you selected and then removed.

If there are more than a few duplicates you need to combine or if you just want to check for potential ones, we also have the Combine Duplicates tool. You can find the help file for it here.