How Do Federal and Non-federal IE’s Pull to Reports?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

The following information impacts the Form 3X, Form 3X (Party), 24-IE, and 48-IE reports.

The line an Independent Expenditure will pull to depends on if it is Federal or Non-Federal. This Federal/Non-Federal setting is determined by the candidate’s record, specifically the Jurisdiction setting in the Candidate Info section.

  • If the Jurisdiction is set to Federal: The IE will pull to Schedule E / Line 24 on the Form 3x, Form 3x (Party), Form 24-IE & Form 48-IE
  • If the Jurisdiction is set to Non-Federal: The IE will pull to Line 29 on the Form 3x & Form 3x (Party). Non-Federal IEs do not pull to the Form 24-IE & Form 48-IE