About the MA Depository Periodic Report

Applies To: Massachusetts

This is the Periodic Report for filers who are a part of the Depository Filing System. This includes PACs, candidates for statewide office, and candidates for certain local offices of some municipalities. The Depository Periodic Report has the following schedule groups, receipts, disbursements, in-kind contributions, and liabilities. 

Schedule Groups

  • Schedule A Receipts: Any receipts that have been provided to the state by your depository bank are not needed to be itemized, if they haven’t they are to be reported and itemized on this schedule group. 
  • Schedule B Disbursements: Expenditures that have been previously provided by your depository bank are not to be itemized on this schedule. Lines 12-14 will reflect the total of all expenditures in excess of $50. 
  • Schedule C In-Kind Contributions: Required all in-kind contributions that exceed $50, if the contribution is $200 or more then the contributor’s occupation and employer are to be reported alongside. 
  • Schedule D Liabilities: This report is a cumulative schedule of all debts as of the last day of the reporting period. 
  • Schedule E Disclosure of Asset Statement: This scheduled group is for year-end reports and dissolution reports. Assets will be itemized if the value is $1,000 or more during the year or reporting period. 

This report does not support reporting Savings Account Information or In Transit Receipts. All Savings Account Transactions will be reported as regular depository transactions. To file, download the generated report and log in to the state’s Campaign Finance System.