About the Indiana CFA-4

Applies To: Indiana

The IN CFA-4 is used to report Receipts and Expenditures of a Political Committee. Which schedule the report transactions pull to will depend on several factors, including transaction type and entity type. 

  • Schedule A: This schedule contains itemized contributions and receipts
  • Schedule B: This schedule shows itemized expenditures
  • Schedule D: This schedule reflects debts owed BY the committee
  • Schedule E: This schedule is for debts owed TO the committee

Other schedules you may see are the A2 and the A5.

  • A2: This schedule shows contributions by corporations
  • A5: This schedule contains contributions by other organizations, including LLCs/LLPs

To ensure the LLC/LLP pulls to Schedule A5, ensure the following:

  • In the main record details at the top of the record, it’s showing as Business
    In the Business Info section, the Type is LLC or LLP

The File Number is the Filer Committee ID. If you plan to e-file, then you will need to get a Committee ID. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

To file your report, you must first download the generated file. Then, log into the Indiana Campaign Finance Website and upload your file through the import process. You can undo a submitted file as long it has not been included in a filed report.

If you encounter any errors that need to be fixed on a filed report, please ensure that the data is updated on ISP and the state system. This will help prevent future discrepancies.

At this time, Indiana’s campaign finance online system does not allow the importing of amended reports.