About the FEC Form 48-IE Report

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

The FEC 48-IE is only filed by political committees. For Non-Committee filers, use the Form 5.

The FEC Independent Expenditures Report – Form 48-IE is used to report Independent Expenditures of more than $10,000. This will report Independent Expenditures made by the committee, and estimated expenses will pull to this report.

Please note Schedule E only discoloses Federal candidate or committee info.

If you need to file a report due to an Independent Expenditure over $1,000 within the 20 days before an election, please use the FEC Form 24-IE Report.

There will be situations where the 48-IE and 24-IE reports overlap. Since the same information is reported on both, most use the 24-IE instead of the 48-IE during the 20 days before an election. Please confirm with your FEC analyst if you are not sure which report to use.