About the CA Form 410

Applies To: California

The CA Form 410 form must be filed within 10 days of receiving contributions totaling $2,000 or more in a calendar year.

Important Notes

  1. Paper Only Version does not pull any signers to Section 4 – Verification on the e-file or PDF.
  2. County of Domicile is determined by the Committee Address.
  3. The jurisdiction, when active, will pull from Office Sought/Held Jurisdiction Description if Committee Type is Candidate and Committee Jurisdiction description if not.
  4. If the committee is supporting multiple candidates, the Filer Committee Type needs to be PAC and each candidate supported or opposed should be indicated using the Relationship Type Supported Candidate or Opposed Candidate.
  5. Due to limitations with the CA PDF generator, information for a Primarily Formed Committee will sometimes appear on a supplemental page instead of the PDF. For the e-file, it will be displayed on page two. This is the only time you can download the PDF. If you try to go back to it later, it will not be available.
  6. If your committee is a Candidate-Controlled committee, make sure this is indicated in the Committee Info section on your filer record.
  7. Your financial account must be up to date and linked to the organization record for the bank.

To link the bank record, navigate to Financial Accounts under the Lists tab and on the resulting screen, click the financial account name. In the window that opens, specifically in the Bank’s Record field, search for and locate the bank’s record. Click the Update button to add it to the financial account. The bank’s organization record must already exist or be created prior to taking these steps.