How Do I Add a Ballot Measure?

There are two ways of adding Ballot Measures to the database, either on the Other Entities page under the Lists tab or when creating a transaction.

How do I add a Ballot Measure on the Other Entities page?

  1. Navigate to Other Entities under the Lists tab. This page will show any existing entities or items that are undefinable, such as Anonymous or Bookkeeping transactions.
  2. Click the Add Other Entity button at the bottom of the screen
  3. In the window that appears, for Type, be sure to click Ballot Measure. Besides just the Name field, you’ll then see new fields appear: Ballot Measure Name, Letter or Number, Jurisdiction, and Jurisdiction Description. Of these, the Ballot Measure Name and Jurisdiction fields are required.
  4. When the info has been added, click Add Other Entity to add the Ballot Measure to the Other Entities list

How do I add a Ballot Measure through a transaction?

When adding an expense to support or oppose a ballot measure, you can add the ballot measure “on the fly.”

  1. Navigate to Accounting, then to Add Transaction
  2. Select Expense from the dropdown
  3. In the transaction details, scroll down and click the Specify Support/Oppose option
  4. In the Entity field, type in the ballot name
  5. Click the Add Ballot Measure option
  6. In the modal that appears, complete the fields and click Add Ballot Measure

How do I link a ballot measure and ballot measure committee?

If you need to associate your ballot measure with a ballot measure
committee, navigate to the committee record and complete the following
  1. In the Relationships section, click the add symbol in the top right corner
  2. In the Affiliated field, type in the name of the ballot measure you just created
  3. In the Relationship Type drop down menu, choose either Ballot Measure Support or Ballot Measure Oppose
  4. Click Add Relationship

Note on Names

When naming the Ballot Measure, it is good practice to
be able to know the difference between the Ballot Measure name and the
name of the Ballot Measure Committee. This will lessen the confusion
when attempting to link Ballot Measures to Ballot Measure Committees and
avoid system errors.

Ballot Measure: This is the name on the ballot.
Ballot Measure Committee: This is what the organization supporting the ballot measure is called.