About Call Time Settings

The Call Time Settings page allows you to create a script you and other users in the database can use when contacting entities. This script and other settings can be uniquely created for each user, too.

To the far right of each user is a slider that allows you to Enable or Disable this feature for each user. If enabled, the user will have a Call Time option on the Dashboard and when they click the option to begin, it will navigate to the first entity that has a Reminder set. Within the record itself, the script will be at the top.

In the Settings column, click the [Edit] option to create the script and update the settings.

In the Description text box type in the script you'd like to use. This can be used for an exact script or even just a bullet list of items to discuss with the entity.

You also have options to only show specific sections of the record when viewing the record in Call Time mode. These settings can be Hidden, Visible, or Add/Edit.

Hidden: This will prevent the section from being seen while working in Call Time mode.

Visible: This will allow the section to be seen but unable to be edited while in Call Time mode.

Add/Edit: This will allow the user to add or edit data in that section while in Call Time mode.

When the desired settings have been added, click the Update Call Time Setting button.