What Is Time Tracking?

Time Tracking allows you to stay up to date on how staff and volunteers are spending their time in the campaign. 

To start, you’ll first need to create Time Tracking Categories. This option is found under the Tools tab. However, if you do not see the Time Tracking Categories option, please contact Support to get it added to your database. 

Time Tracking Categories are used to specify how the time is being spent. An example would be Door to Door. If you have a volunteer going door to door and you want to know the date and times the volunteer was out in the area, you can use this Time Tracking Category.

After you have created the needed Time Tracking Categories, next create individual records for staff and/or volunteers, if this has not been completed already. Then, when in the record itself, you’ll see a Time Tracking section below the Transactions section.

To add a Time Tracking notation to the record, click the green triangle in the top right corner of the Time Tracking section. In the window that appears, add the applicable information.

Category: This will be a dropdown of options based of the items on the Time Tracking Categories page.
Start: This is the beginning date and time of the reason for tracking time.
End: This is the end date and time of the reason for tracking time.
Notes: Add any notes to the time tracking notation to be more specific.

When ready, click the Add Time Tracking button to add the notation to the record.