How Do I Combine Duplicates in Search Results?

In ISP, there are a few ways of combining duplicate records. One handy way is right there on the Individual or Organization search screen.

First, under the Add/Search tab, select Individuals or Organizations, depending on who you’ll be searching for and potentially combining. Be sure to search for, at the very least, a part of the name that will be in both records. For example, if you are looking for Abraham Lincoln and want to combine it with the Abe Lincoln record, search only for the last name, Lincoln. If the name is not something you can match on, use other options, such as Address or Email, to locate the two potential duplicate records. 

Once you’ve found the records you intend to merge, click on the hotdog menu to the right of the name of the record you intend to keep, then select Combine Duplicate. Be aware that the first record you select will be the one that will keep its name.

After clicking Combine Duplicate, you’ll then see a Combine button appear for each of the records in your search. Locate the second record you want to combine with the first and click Combine. The second record will be merged into the first record you selected.

If there are more than a few duplicates you need to combine or if you just want to check for potential ones, we also have the
Combine Duplicates tool under the Tools tab