Why Emails May Bounce/Won’t Send Out

Sometimes emails may bounce or they may not even send out. Here are some reasons why this might potentially occur:

  1. Legal requirements and restrictions on sending a broadcast to .gov and a few other domains will result in some email being filtered out automatically prior to sending.
  2. Any potential domains or emails that have been flagged as “poison pill” emails will be automatically filtered out.
  3. Any fake emails will be removed and won’t be able to send out. For example “Fake@123.n” or a similar address is not real.
  4. Transient bounces are pretty common. This is when emails didn’t make it to their destination because they were either held up by another email server on the internet, are bad emails that the email server didn’t indicate as such, or some unknown routing problem. These are hard to resolve completely because they exist outside of the broadcast email servers.
  5. Depending on people’s email settings, they may have a filter (or email tools) that drop broadcast emails automatically (or the email server might do it). Others will get the email, but it’ll end up in spam. The broadcast email provider does their best to prevent that, but it’s impossible to prevent at least some from ending up in spam, even with a valid SPF and verified email.