Why Can’t I See the FEC Form 3?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission – Candidate Committees, Political Action Committees (PACs)

There are two different types of committees that file the Form 3: candidate committees and joint fundraising committees that only support federal candidates. To get the Form 3 to appear, follow the appropriate directions below for your committee type.

Candidate Committees

If this is for a candidate committee and you can’t see the Form 3 as an available report in the dropdown, there are some additional data entry steps you’ll need to take.

First, you’ll want to ensure your Committee and Candidate records are set up. Ensure the following options and data entry are in the Candidate and Committee records.

1. For your candidate’s record:

  • Set Office Sought (or Office Held) to: US House of Representatives or US Senate
  • Set Office Sought Jurisdiction to: Federal

2. For your committee’s record:

  • Set the Committee Info Type: Candidate and Jurisdiction: Federal

PAC – Joint Fundraising Committees

PAC-JFCs that only support federal candidates must file reports using the Form 3. For these PACs:

1. Make sure your filing committee is set as a Political Action Committee in the organization record.

2. Go to the Reports menu and select Compliance. Then select Manage Filers from the Related Pages menu on the bottom.

3. On the Manage Filers page, choose Convert to PAC – Joint Fundraising Committee in the hotdog menu.