Which Browser Should I Use?

While Google Chrome works fine for ISP in most scenarios, we recommend using Firefox as your browser. We do a lot with dynamic content, and Firefox handles it better. Firefox also has the ability to right-click anywhere on the browser and take a full-page screenshot:

  1. Right-click anywhere on your browser
  2. Select Take Screenshot
  3. In the window that appears, select the Save Full Page option

You can click here to download Firefox.

Chrome has some limitations when it comes to some of our software, including the inability to handle large amounts of information loading onto one page. Something like an all-time report of transactions in an account seems to be too much for Chrome to handle.

An exception to our recommendation that you use Firefox as your browser in ISP is if you are working on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone). In this scenario, we recommend using Safari (the native browser) rather than Firefox. If you are working on a Mac (desktop, laptop), however, we recommend using Firefox rather than Safari.