What’s the Difference Between E-file and Paper Only Reports for Nevada?

Applies To: Nevada

The state of Nevada determines what transactions are itemized. Because of this, we have two versions: Paper Only, to review and see how the report will look on the state’s site, and E-File, to ensure all transactions are properly transmitted to the state for accurate aggregation. Nevada state law requires all C&E Reports and Financial Disclosure Statements to be filed electronically using the AURORA Campaign Finance Disclosure system.

Version: Paper Only

  • When you generate a Paper Only version, the itemization is pre-set to $100.01.
  • Paper Only Versions are used for the sole purpose of review in order to get an approximation of the state’s itemization.  

Version: E-Filing

  • Due to Nevada’s limitations of E-File procedures, our system uploads all transactions. The state will perform the calculations on their end to determine what is to be itemized. 
  • If you create a PDF and generated the report using the E-File version, all transactions will be itemized on that same PDF. This will not give you an accurate representation of how the report displays on the state’s site after uploading. 

Notes About Uploading E-Files and using AURORA

  • AURORA does not have the ability to link any loan forgiveness transaction to its original loan. This will require you to manually enter those into the state’s system. 
  • When you generate the report using the E-File version, that same E-File will be downloaded via a .zip folder. Inside that .zip folder you will see two files: Contributions.csv and Expenditures.csv. 
  • You can then use those two CSV files to bulk upload transactions, which will then be moved over to the AURORA electronic filing system. 

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