What Is the Threshold to Register a FEC Committee?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

Committee registration must take place with the FEC the moment it reaches the $5000 threshold of money raised or spent. Per the FEC registration guidelines in the FEC Campaign Guide:

  • The individual and/or persons he or she has authorized to conduct campaign activity receive over $5,000 in contributions or make over $5,000 in expenditures; or
  • The individual fails to disavow unauthorized campaign activity by writing a letter to the FEC within 30 days after being notified by the agency that another person or group has received contributions or made expenditures of more than $5,000 on the individual’s behalf. 100.3(a)(1)-(3) and 102.13(a)(2).

The necessary forms, FEC Form 1 and FEC Form 2, are found on the FEC website.

After the committee has been registered with the FEC, reports must be filed no matter how much is raised or spent until the committee has been terminated.