What Is the Firm Details Page in Consultant Tools?

This page is available only to users who are associated with a Firm.

The Firm Details page provides an overall view of the Firm you work with in relation to the work done in ISP. At the top of the page where the firm name is, you’ll see information for which Party the firm is with, as well as other Copy From Account details. This is information you can copy from other databases you manage.

To update the different Copy From Account options, click the green edit triangle in the upper right corner of the name section. In the window that appears, you’ll see the Copy options.

Copy Budget Categories From Account: This will pull Budget Categories from other databases into the database you’re currently in.

Copy Scheduled Reports From Account: If you have Scheduled Reports, the criteria can be pulled into Scheduled Reports for the current database you’re in.

Copy Integrations From Account: Any integrations found in other databases you manage can be used in the current database you’re in.

Copy Saved Financial Reports From Account: Any saved Financial Reports can be pulled over to the current database you’re in. 

Copy Flags From Account: Any existing Flags in an existing database can be brought over to a new or other existing account.

Below the name and info area are several sections. 

Accounts: These are the various databases associated with the Firm. It will show you the Name of the database, the filing Agency, and if there is an amount due on the ISP invoice.

Tools: These Tools will automatically be added to any new account that gets created and associated with the Firm. 

Directory Listing: This section informs you of basic info regarding the Firm. It will tell you which Party it’s associated with, the various filing Agencies in the different accounts, if there’s a Firm logo, and more. 

Users: Any users showing in this section will automatically be added as a user to any new accounts that get opened and associated with this account. You can also remove and add new users to your Firm. New users can be added to all existing accounts from here without needing to manually add them to each one.

Imports: This section displays the Quick Import formats that have been added to the database. Standard default formats that come with the database will not show here.