What Is the Financial Transaction Report & How Do I Generate One?

One of the many Financial reports you can generate is the Transaction report. This will provide numerous pieces of information on the transactions in your database and allow you to narrow down your search using very specific criteria.

For example, you could only need to see transactions from a specific Election. Using the Election field, you can select any of the active elections in your database and view transactions associated with it. Or you can use the Date Range fields to get transactions within only that time frame.

Other fields give you the ability to search for transactions based on notes added to the transaction, such as Compliance Notes or Internal Notes or Check Notes.

You’ll also be able to search on various transaction types, such as Monetary Contributions and Loans and more, as well as any transactions with a specific Budget Category.

After you’ve chosen the criteria for the report, you can then determine what specific columns of information you’d like to see, including sorting the data or aggregating transaction totals.

In the Columns section, you can see there are many options to choose from. Some of them are basic information, such as AmountDate, and contact information. You’ll also see some that have a more in-depth breakdown of information, such as Transaction Tags or Allocation, if applicable.