What Is the Dashboard Customization?

With the Dashboard Customization, you can determine which sections appear on the dashboard. You can also create various kinds of dashboard layouts to suit specific needs.

To begin, click the Change Layout button at the bottom of the screen. If you already have layouts created, click the name of the layout you’d like to see. Otherwise, to create one, select Manage.

On the resulting screen, click Add Custom Dashboard at the bottom of the screen. You will be redirected to the Dashboard Layout Manager screen. In the Name field, add a title of the layout you want to create. Next, click and drag sections from the left over to the field just below the Name field. 

The available sections are as follows:

  • Announcements: Displays recent ISP product updates.
  • API Stats Over Time: Displays the number of API submissions received over time.
  • Balances: Displays outstanding transactions.
  • Best Practices
  • Budget: Displays any Budgets you have created. Shows your budgeted amount versus the actual amount you’ve spent.
  • Cash on Hand Over Time: A graph displaying your cash-on-hand over the last 1.5 years.
  • Disbursement by Budget Category: A pie chart showing your disbursements broken down by their Budget Category.
  • Dropbox
  • Election Key Stats: Shows donation count, donation amount, and donor count for the Elections in your database.
  • Featured Help File: Gives a link to a random help file; designed to be an introduction to help files.
  • Getting Started: Provides links to adding records, adding transactions, and setting up your filer record.
  • Invoice Ready
  • Key Contacts: This section is a combination of records you have the most contact with and also the records you most recently contacted.
  • Key Statistics: A broad overview of the financial information in your account.
  • Links: A storage spot for any links you frequently visit. You can add any links you want.
  • Missing Phone: An opportunity for you to add your phone number if we don’t have one on file.
  • Net Worth Report: Shows the balances of your bank accounts, as well as any outstanding transactions.
  • Pledge Aging
  • Quotes: Random quotes from some of history’s most famous individuals.
  • Receipts by Budget Category: A pie chart showing your receipts broken down by their Budget Category.
  • Recent Transactions: Displays transactions recently added to your database.
  • Records to Import: Transactions waiting to be imported into your account from an integration. The AI will leave any potential duplicate records here for you to make the judgment call.
  • Reminders: These are on a per-user basis. Useful if you have set any email or phone call reminders to call any potential donors.
  • Transactions Over the Limit: Shows transactions over the limit and the limit checks used to determine the results.