What Is the 0% Federal Allocation Used For?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission – Political Action Committees (PACs), Party Committees

This “allocation” is to be used by Joint State/Federal Filers for expenses paid with federal funds on behalf of the State Filer for 100% state-related activity. 

It is not a true allocation – these transactions will not pull to any of the “H” schedules on the FEC Form 3x. Instead, the transactions will pull to Line 29 of the FEC Form 3x, with any Support/Oppose Memo information as appropriate.

In addition, the transactions will pull to Sch E of the CA Form 460 (with the corresponding Reporting Code) as a memo, with the Note for Compliance appended with “Paid with Federal Funds.”

If there is a Support/Oppose Memo associated with the transaction, that will pull to Sch D of the CA Form 460 and/or the CA Form 497 (as appropriate).

At this time, this allocation is not supported on any other reports – please contact support if you need this allocation supported on other reports.

How to Use the 0% Federal Allocation

After logging into your database, go to Accounting > Allocations.

At the bottom of the screen, you”ll see a button called “Add 0% Federal Allocation.”

Once you click on the “Add 0% Federal Allocation” button, the Allocation will automatically be added to your database. Because this allocation is not reported on any of the “H” schedules, you do not need to enter any of the additional information (name, start date or allocation ratio). In addition, this allocation will only appear once, and can be used over several years.

This allocation can be used on Expenses or Accrued Expenses, either with or without Support/Oppose Memos.