What Is Multi-Dimensional Budgeting & How Do I Use It?

Multi-Dimensional Budgeting allows you to track Budget Categories in multiple ways. For example, a large organization has multiple physical branches that run semi-independently in different states. That organization could add a dimension for the different states the branches are in, which would allow them to track their transactions by both Budget Category and Dimension. In this instance, they could have transactions that are categorized as both Office Supplies and California.

If you haven’t yet, first install the Multi-Dimensional Budgeting tool by going to Add/Remove Tool under the Tools tab. Once this is done or if it already installed, you can access the Budget Dimensions page by clicking the blue Dimensions button at the bottom of the Budget Categories page. On this page you can add, edit, and delete Budget Dimensions.

Dimensions will also be an available field to search for in the Transactions report.