What Is Magic Match and How Do I Use It?

Magic Match is a featured option for use with the integrations, Anedot, WinRed and ActBlue, in conjunction with the Quick Import Tool to bring over contributions from these processors without creating duplicate transactions in your database.

Why is Magic Match So Useful?

Clients can import the same data twice, via the two methods, but without duplicating entries into their database. This eliminates potential errors before they occur.

How does Magic Match Work?

Magic Match is a check box that will appear when the Anedot, WinRed or ActBlue Quick Import format is selected. When this option is selected it will catch duplicate transactions in the import without adding them to the database. Instead, only the record will be updated with the new transaction. It will also include the deposit batch information.

Why would someone use Magic Match?

When data comes in through an integration, it’s missing two pieces of key info for proper accounting: fees and deposit batches. Importing the same data through Quick Import with Magic Match allows the system to automatically group transactions together in batches, as well as add the appropriate fees.