What Is Event Management?

The Event management tool is designed to make it easy for you to track and manage your fundraising and other events.

Adding specific details to the event provides a bigger picture of its success.

To add details to an event, first navigate to the Events page under the Tools tab, then click the name of the event. On the resulting page you’ll see basic event details at the top and three sections below it: Flags, Communication Types, and Saved Advanced Searches.

This screen is essentially an Event’s dashboard page.

To edit the main event details, click the green triangle in the top right corner. In the window that appears you can update the Name, Date of the event, and the Event Type.

Flags: If you use Flags to help you identify the Event where transactions occurred, add the Flag to this section.

Communication Types: Any communications made for the Event can be added here.

Saved Advanced Searches: If you’ve created and saved Advanced Searches and they’re used to gather info on an Event, add that Saved Advanced Search here.

Download Report: After associating all the appropriate flags, communication types, and advanced searches with your event, click the Download Report button.  This will give you a consolidate view of everyone associated with your event through any of these or because they had a transaction associated with the event.