What Is eSignature and How Do I Use It?

Applies To: California

California allows you and others to electronically sign compliance reports. In conjunction with the Xodo Sign integration, you can use the eSignature process for CA compliance reports. This will allow you to electronically send the report to another person to sign the PDF copy before submitting it to the state.

If Xodo Sign has not been added as an integration in your database yet, navigate to the Integrations page first and install Xodo Sign. You must have this integration installed in your database before using eSignature.

How do I send it to someone else for their signature?

After Xodo Sign has been added to your database, generate the CA report. At the bottom of the screen, click the Filing button, and you’ll see an option for Send PDF for eSignature. Clicking that will open a window where you will add the Name and Email Address of those who need to sign it. 

The individual will receive an email from ISP stating a Compliance report needs their signature. They will complete the eSignature process via Xodo Sign.

How do I know they signed it?

After generating the report, you’ll see another button labeled Related Pages. In that menu is an option called eSignature Report Status. Click that, and you’ll be directed to the eSignature Reports page. The eSignature Reports Status page allows you to track the progress of any reports that require an electronic signature. These results happen in real time so the moment an eSignature has been added to the report, this page will update automatically.

On this screen, you’ll see several columns. The first two will be the Report Name and the Form/Version information. The next two will be status-related columns.

  • Forwarded To State: This column will show either True or False. Once all signers have added their signatures to the report, it will be submitted to the state, and the status will show True. If no signers have signed it, it will display False.
  • Missing Signers: If the status is False, this column will display who has not signed the report yet. 

Note: Once the state receives digitally signed compliance reports, these documents are stored in its secure digital system. Digitally signed statements are the equivalent of the state’s paper forms, so they are managed in a similar manner. They will be logged and stored, and they can be pulled for official copy requests; however, they will not be displayed on Cal-Access.