What Is Data Flow and How Do I Use It?

The Data Flow tool is for ongoing transfers of data from one account to another. For one-time copies, we recommend using the Advanced Search copy feature.

Data Flow is designed to allow you to manage the core accounting functionality in a single account and transfer that data to other accounts. This is most commonly used by multi-agency filers.

Contact ISP Support to create a new Data Flow. We will set up the transfer link and transfer rules for you. The request for Data Flow setup needs to be authorized by the database owner or a super admin.

Transfer rules options are whether to include Transactions with from date, Transaction Type, and Financial Accounts, and whether to include Third Party Donations. You can also choose to transfer Entities and not financial records.

After we set up the original link and transfer rules on our end, you can set the transfer to run automatically or trigger the transfer right there on the spot. This will be found in the Consultant Tools menu in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you choose the Automatic Transfer option, slide the toggle from Off to On. The transfer happens overnight each night.

If you prefer to perform the data transfer on your schedule, click the Transfer Now button to make that happen immediately. To avoid unnecessary discrepancies, we recommend using manual transfers after confirming the accuracy of data.

Important: Data Flow only transfers newly added entity records and financial transactions and does not transfer updates to already transferred records and transactions.