What Is Authy and How Do I Use It?

Data safety is an important part of ISP. Because of this, we employ Two-Factor Authentication processes to keep your data safe. Two of those methods, One-Touch and TOTP, require an app called Authy.

First, navigate to Two-Factor Authentication under the Systems tab. Click the green triangle in the right corner of My settings and choose either One-Touch or TOTP.

One-Touch: Tap the Approve option within the Authy app to access the database.

TOTP: This process generates one-time passwords in order to access the database.

When you make your choice and complete the rest of the fields, you’ll get a text with: “On your phone’s browser, go to http://authy.com/install to install your two-factor authentication tool.”

Install the app on your phone. You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number and get verification by call or SMS. If you choose SMS and do not receive the text message, try again with a phone call. Once installed, you’ll see ISPolitical already available to use for one-touch or TOTP.

If you choose One-Touch, in the app tap the bell in the top right corner. On the resulting screen you’ll see Approve or Deny option. Tap the Approve button and ISP will automatically open for you.

If you select TOTP, an ISPolitical token (aka password) will appear and provide an expiration countdown. Enter this token in the prompt on ISP and you’ll then be granted access to the database.