What Is an Allocation Transfer?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

Allocation Transfers are for transfers between two different associated filers, State and Federal. These are typically used for the State committee to reimburse the Federal committee for shared expenses.

How do I add an Allocation Transfer?

Allocation Transfers are handled via the Allocations page. Navigate to the Accounting tab, then select Allocations. On the resulting screen you’ll see the various Allocations existing in your database. 

To the right of the Allocation, click the Add Allocation Transfer button. A small window will appear and here you can add the details of the transfer you’d like to create. Once ready, click the Add Allocation Transfer button.

When you generate the FEC Form 3X, the Expense transaction added to the State account will pull to Line 18. As long as the State account is tied to the Federal account via Relationships, this will happen automatically.