What Do I Need to File an Amended Form 1?

Applies To: Federal Election Commission
The FEC Form 1 pulls information from the Filer Record. Please be sure to edit the necessary information in ISP before filing your amendment. 

When filing an amended Form 1 out of ISP, you must first have the committee’s original FEC Filing ID. To locate the committee’s original FEC Filing ID:

  1. Navigate to the FEC website
  2. Type your Committee ID Number into the search field and click the magnifying glass icon
  3. Click your Committee Name
  4. On your Committee page, select FILINGS from the left sidebar menu
  5. On the Committee Filings page, select the appropriate TWO-YEAR PERIOD in this field’s drop-down menu
  6. Scroll down to the Statements of organization section
  7. Click the relevant Statement of Organization document to retrieve your FEC Identification Number
In ISP, your Committee ID Number is located in the Committee Info section of the Filer Record. To access and/or update your Filer Record:

  1. From anywhere in the system, click the magnifying glass next to the Logout button
  2. In the drop-down search box, type the committee name, then select the committee name
  3. On the committee page, click the green triangle in the corner of the Committee Info section header
  4. In the Update Committee Info window, enter any necessary changes
  5. Click the green Update Committee Info button
If you want to verify and/or update the Treasurer, scroll down to the Relationships section in the Filer Record to see whether a Treasurer record is linked. If not, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure there is an existing Individual record for the Treasurer (if not, create one before proceeding to Step 2)
  2. Click the green triangle in the Relationships section header
  3. Enter the required information in the Add Relationship window
  4. Click the green Add Relationship button
Your bank account tied to the filer may also need updating or verification. To access your bank account:

  1. From wherever you are in the database, navigate to Lists, then to Financial Accounts
  2. Click the appropriate bank account
  3. In the Update window, enter any necessary changes
  4. Click the green Update Bank button
Once you are ready to generate and file the amended Form 1, navigate to Compliance Reports under the Reports tab, select FEC Form 1 from the Compliance Report field drop-down menu, and check the Amended checkbox. In addition to the Amended checkbox, you will see four other checkboxes: Change of Address, Change of Email, Change of Name, and Change of URL (if your committee’s website has changed). You can check as many checkboxes as apply. 

Note: If you have previously filed a paper version of Form 1 and this is the first time submitting an electronic version, you will need to file the report as an original rather than as an amendment.